More Grousing About Publicly Assisted Housing

The Clarion Ledger has provided another positive report on the work of the Wishcamper Companies, another housing renovation in Jackson, Mississippi, Lincoln Garden Apartments. Once again, complainers have swooped in to comment, predicting the complex’s demise in a matter of months, not even years.We have lots of examples of well-managed publicly-assisted housing throughout the United … Continue reading More Grousing About Publicly Assisted Housing

Doing Good: Does the Public Care?

Christale Thomas, of Jackson, Mississippi, the single mother of three young children, had a hard time finding a place to rent that she could afford as a cashier making just over minimum wage.  Fortunately, she secured a spot at Commonwealth Village, a housing complex Yale 1964’s Joe Wishcamper redeveloped, taking advantage of the generous allowance … Continue reading Doing Good: Does the Public Care?

Saving Kids in Camden?

Governor Christie has come to Camden to offer his own proscription for the city and more specifically for what he calls its “failure factories,” (AKA public schools). His proscription for Camden and cities like is the introduction of privately-run “transformation schools.”  The idea is certainly not new, having been tried in a number of places, … Continue reading Saving Kids in Camden?

Neoliberalism revived?

By any reasonable judgment, the current recession should have overturned any support for the practice known as neoliberalism, so named for its complete confidence in unfettered private markets, following the vision of Adam Smith. Instead, what appears to have been happening, is that the lack of funds in the public sector has encouraged cities to … Continue reading Neoliberalism revived?