Saving Kids in Camden?

Governor Christie has come to Camden to offer his own proscription for the city and more specifically for what he calls its “failure factories,” (AKA public schools). His proscription for Camden and cities like is the introduction of privately-run “transformation schools.”  The idea is certainly not new, having been tried in a number of places, … Continue reading Saving Kids in Camden?

Neoliberalism revived?

By any reasonable judgment, the current recession should have overturned any support for the practice known as neoliberalism, so named for its complete confidence in unfettered private markets, following the vision of Adam Smith. Instead, what appears to have been happening, is that the lack of funds in the public sector has encouraged cities to … Continue reading Neoliberalism revived?

Poverty in Newark

We’ll be looking at poverty in Newark and what to do about it April 6th at the Rutgers-Newark campus. I’ll be talking about affordable housing. Other speakers include my colleague Wayne Glasker and Temple University’s Bryant Simon. The sessions will be filmed by makers of the important documentary Revolution67. For a report on the conference … Continue reading Poverty in Newark

Between Justice and History

Fredric Miller Memorial Lecture May 5, 2011 This lecture, remembering archivist, historian, and scholar Fred Miller, offers the opportunity to address issues central to the practice of public history. To mark my retirement July 1, I intend to reflect back on a series of experiences where history has served to illuminate social justice issues. While … Continue reading Between Justice and History